“My top piece of advice is if you think you are infected with hepatitis C is to get tested and find out what your genotype is as this will affect the care you receive. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to doctors as you need to understand what’s best for you.”

Hep C I'm Worth Ambassador

“Now I tell myself that I’m worth it and every day is worth living for”

The highs and lows of Andy’s hep C story

There are many hep C stories out there. This is Andy’s.

“My name is Andy. I was unfortunately given the news about five years ago that I had hepatitis C. This was then followed up with treatment the following year. After 42 weeks, unfortunately the treatment finished and it did not work for me. So I felt quite devastated but also frustrated. I was still battling on and waiting for current, up-to-date drugs, which are less intrusive.

It’s highs and lows. I have cirrhosis of the liver as well so for the last… April… come April this year, I will have been abstinent of all drugs and alcohol for two years, which is doing everything I can to help myself pushing forward for the drugs to work properly.”

Andy now realizes he is worth the hep C treatment

“Now I tell myself that I’m worth it and that every day is worth living for. Where before, there were days that I didn’t think I was worth it, I didn’t think I was worth anything, you know, very low periods of life.

I’m worth the treatment, I’ve put a lot of effort into myself, you can either give in, or you can persevere and battle on, and I chose to persevere and battle on.”


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I’m Worth – your right to hep C treatment and care

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