“As part of the I’m Worth… campaign, I’d like to try to educate people about hepatitis C, to help dispel myths about the virus, and to help those affected get the support that they need.”

Hep C I'm Worth Ambassador

“Being free of hep C means I don’t have days where I feel completely wiped out and tired and my mental health is a lot better”

Brian’s hep C story had a rough start

There are many hep C stories out there. This is Brian’s.

“I’m Brian. I cleared hepatitis C about two years ago. I was tested first in the year 2000 but wasn’t told until 2006. I was in hospital and a doctor told me that I tested hep C positive and then went onto the next patient and didn’t bother telling me whether there was any treatment for hepatitis C or even what it was, it didn’t mean anything much to me.”

With the right treatment, Brian’s life has changed for the better

“About five years after that, I got myself stable, had support and that there, so I then decided to have treatment. Everyone is entitled to treatment and they are  slowly opening up the new drugs to people without cirrhosis and that, but you probably do have to be quite firm and push to get the treatment. So for people who have hepatitis C today, I think they should find out what treatments are out there, do some research into what is available, ask their doctor, and talk to people that have been through treatment.

It’s changed my quality of life being free of hep C. I don’t have days where I feel completely wiped out, and tired and that. My mental health is a lot better. A lot of people that have been using drugs and come from that, suffer from depression so they probably feel like they are not worth the treatment, but they need to know that they are. They’ve got a disease that could be fatal, and like anyone with a disease that could be fatal, if there’s a cure there, then they should access it.”

Download this helpful guide on how to receive the hep C treatment you deserve.

I’m Worth – your right to hep C treatment and care

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