“Living with the hep C virus creates a burden physically and mentally. If you are affected, it’s in your interest to get rid of the virus – so get tested and consult a hepatologist so that you can get accurate information about what you can do.”

Hep C I'm Worth Ambassador

“When my hepatitis was eventually cured…I thought you’ve overcome one of your challenges perhaps you can overcome all the others and that gave me momentum and fight to really go for it and get clean”

Kevin’s hep C story started off with little to no hope

There are many hep C stories out there. This is Kevin’s.

“My name is Kevin. I was on heroin for eight years, in that time I regularly shared needles with other drug users. I had hepatitis for five-six years without going for treatment. I was dirty, I was begging on the street and really, I had given up hope so I wasn’t interested in going for treatment. I didn’t shower for two-three weeks at a time. The hepatitis made me feel tired and lethargic and I didn’t feel that I could be a valuable member of society, I didn’t think that recovery was possible so I thought, why bother going for treatment, just carry on as a drug addict until you die. I had given up on life.”

Curing hep C motivated Kevin to turn his life around

“What happened is, instead of me having to go to the hospital, which I didn’t want to do, because I would rather go out and get the next money for my drugs, the hospital came into the drugs clinic, so it made access to treatment easy for me. Then when my hepatitis was eventually cured, that’s when my attitude started changing and I thought you know what, you’ve overcome one of your challenges, perhaps you can overcome all of the others. That gave me momentum and fight to really go for it and get clean.

Now, I’ve got hope for the future. I volunteer as a hepatitis peer mentor, I volunteer in two different drug and alcohol recovery clinics. I’m looking for part-time work. I’m happy and I can actually smile. The fear and anxiety caused by having hepatitis has been removed, I’m now comfortable. I want to tell everyone about clearing hepatitis and what an impact it can make. I will keep on encouraging people and get them into treatment. Never give up hope, you know, recovery may seem a long way off and you may feel that you are too far done to recover but just take the right steps, work on something positive like getting treatment and things will grow from there.”

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