“There are a lot of people who don’t know they have hepatitis C so we need to educate and increase knowledge of what the virus is and how it affects people. If you’re living with hepatitis C, talking to a doctor will help you make a decision about how you would like to go forward.”

Hep C I'm Worth Ambassador

“I met other people that have been through the treatment and that gave me the courage to go ahead and start”

Lois’ hep C story: Others gave her the courage to seek treatment

There are many hep C stories out there. This is Lois’.

“Hi, I’m Lois. I first found out that I had been exposed to hep C in 92. I was detoxing in London in a unit and then I had a long period of using again, went back into treatment in 2009, had a couple of years abstinent, in recovery and then I got quite poorly. It took quite a while because I kept going back to the doctor and being told I had depression and so it took quite a while before I was actually found out that I had the live virus. That was 2011. I was already working as a volunteer and I was fortunate enough to be offered a training workshop run by Hep C Trust and Hampshire DATT and then I met other people that had been through the treatment and that kind of gave me the courage to go ahead and start treatment.”

Today Lois encourages others to get the hep C treatment they deserve

“I had a lot of support from other people, but I was very scared. Just being in recovery is hard enough anyway and then having to kind of find out that I’ve got like a life threating virus, it was a difficult choice and my son had to go into care because I was too poorly to look after him so there was a lot more involved than just doing the treatment. Although there has been quite a lot of after-effects from going through the treatment and treatment was tough, I do have a better quality of life, I’ve been clean five years almost, that impacts my children and my ability to be a Mum. I’m able to share my experience with other people and hopefully encourage them to get tested. I’d just like them to feel like they are worth it and then have the opportunity to go on and get treated and clear the virus ultimately.”

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