03rd Jan 2018

Hepatitis C: Sharing stories, breaking stigma

Sharing your story with another person can be very therapeutic, helping break down barriers and stigma. That’s why our new I’m Worth… Ambassadors have decided to open up and share their experiences.

In their brand new films, they talk about how they felt when diagnosed with the disease, as well as their experience of seeking treatment and the lack of awareness and information about hepatitis c.

Want to hear their stories? Take a look at their videos!



Although she had no symptoms at the time, Tracey got tested when she was planning her family. 30 years later, now cured, she would like to tell people about hep C and raise awareness of the importance of being tested.



Christy was told he had hep C in prison, and the burden of this ‘little secret’ contributed to his addiction for another 13 years. When he finally was cured it was such a massive relief that he started his journey to recovery and committed to supporting and inspiring other people.



When James was diagnosed with hep C 15 years ago he had no understanding of what it really meant, and came across a lot of wrong information. He also found the stigma, even from family, really difficult to live with both emotionally and psychologically. This is why James is now volunteering to help other people, to encourage them to get tested and make sure they know that hepatitis C is curable.



Crystal caught hep C around 2010, but struggled to come to terms with her diagnosis and accept help and treatment, and she missed many tests and medical appointments. Being free of hepatitis C has enabled her to take responsibility for her life: “I know what it’s like to be happy now, I really didn’t before”, she says.



Our Ambassadors’ message is clear – it doesn’t matter how you got hepatitis C; everyone deserves a chance to be cured. If you have hep C, or suspect you may be affected it, don’t ignore it; speak to your doctor to find out what treatment and care options are right for you.