The I'm Worth... campaign is a disease awareness programme that has been developed and paid for by Gilead Sciences Ltd.


The ‘I’m Worth….’ campaign aims to address the stigma facing many people with hepatitis C. Our goal is to encourage and empower people living with hepatitis C to access care and services. It doesn’t matter how someone got hepatitis C; everyone deserves support while living with a potentially life threatening disease. Everyone is worth having the chance to be hep C free.


Hep C I'm Worth Ambassador Tim
a voice


“I want to help to break down the stigma and perception that hepatitis C is a dirty disease, and encourage people to go and get tested.”
Hep C I'm Worth Ambassador Andy
every day


“I want to be involved in the I’m Worth… campaign to help people, and let them know about their opportunities, like treatments, that might be available to them.”
Hep C I'm Worth Ambassador Kelvin
my grandchildren getting to know me


“I support the I’m Worth…campaign as it aims to connect with people that might not be reached through current available channels.”
Hep C I'm Worth Ambassador Brian
being able to live


“I feel it’s important that people with hepatitis C are given the right information from consultants and that care and treatment options are discussed and considered without delay.”
Hep C I'm Worth Ambassador Kevin
having a chance at life


“Having lived with hepatitis C, my main learning is not to ignore it.”
Hep C I'm Worth Ambassador Lois


“I feel strongly that we need to focus on the individual hepatitis C patient and listen to all of the diverse stories from the community, like the I’m Worth… campaign is aspiring to do.”
Hep C I'm Worth Ambassador Colin and Di
listening to

Colin and Di

“We want to help people living with hepatitis C to get well – the more people that realise that they may be able to get cured the better.”
Hep C I'm Worth Ambassador Tom
uniting people to grow stronger


“Personally, I’d like to see people living with hepatitis C have a chance to access care that will help them.”
Hep C I'm Worth Ambassador Louise
being treated with dignity and respect


“We need to start changing the attitudes towards people who may have hepatitis C which are usually based on fear and ignorance.”

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